February 18, 2013

ReviewZ: Roux Maison Sport Detergent

Soon after our wedding, my hubby went hard into a new hobby of cycling. In turn, he's spent hours shopping for workout gear that includes 'bibs' and 'kits', as the cycling FANatics call them, dri fit and dri release shirts and pants, and basically anything that said 'high performance' on it.

I thought doing laundry was already annoying, what with doing separate loads for the colors, whites, delicates, bedding, towels, jeans ... now, I had to take into account these moisture wicking fabrics my hubby was wearing on a daily basis. I sought out to find the best long term care detergent for these (annoyingly expensive) wardrobe items.

Enter: Roux Maison Sport Detergent, a new eco-friendly home laundry product that's ideal for athletic clothes. Complete with natural ingredients, this sport-specific detergent is custom blend with 100% natural essential oils that are synthetic and preservative-free. I've found the detergent, which only requires you use the tiniest bit, eliminates the dirt and odor that bacteria thrive on. It's also not too harsh on the clothes, maintaining the elasticity so they won't prematurely deteriorate.

For just $16.99 per bottle, Roux Maison Sport Detergent is available in Ambrosia, Sweet Tea and Fragrance Free. I definitely recommend it!