April 16, 2013

Shopping Comparison: There's an app for that!

Thanks to the world of apps, be it on your Android or iPhone, shoppers are now equipped with what they need to be as savvy as possible. The May 2013 issue of ShopSmart magazine, from  Consumer Reports, highlights five price-comparison apps that make saving easier and more acceptable than ever. Bonus: They're FREE.

In it's upcoming "Bargain Issue", ShopSmart recommends the following apps, and also features tips on where to save, the best sites and apps for coupons, a list of amazing cheap products, and more!

Top 5 Comparison Shopping Apps*

  1. Price Check by Amazon lets users can a product's bar code, snap a photo, or say its name to see whether Amazon sells it for a lower price. It also encourages users to share in-store prices, so other customers can benefit from their desire to dominate the market. This app is available on both Android and Apple.
  2. RedLaser was one of the first price comparison apps and is still the gold standard.  Users can now find deals and coupons for retailers, store digital versions of loyalty cards, and make purchases directly in the app if they see a cheaper price elsewhere. This app is available on Android, Apple, Blackberry, and Windows.
  3. ScanLife allows users to price compare with ease and share prices with fellow scanners.  The app has a live feed that shows prices others have scanned.  This app is available on Android, Apple, Blackberry, and Windows.
  4. ShopSavvy is a granddaddy price-comparison app that now features user reviews, product videos, enhanced purchasing tools and the ability to add prices for local stores and new products.   This app is available on Android, Apple, and Windows.
  5. Smoopa is all about sharing prices users find.  Stores are graded by how often they return the lowest prices among Smoopa users.  Those who stumble upon an in-store price that beats competitors and makes the purchase receive a reward redeemable via PayPal, gift cards for stores such as Amazon and Walmart or a charity donation.  This app is available on both Android and Apple.
*All links direct you to the iTunes store.

So there you go! Which app do YOU use? Are there any that didn't make the list? Let me know your thoughts!