May 16, 2013

He left a note in a boat: The Boston Bomber Truth

Here's a little vent session from always-welcome guest blogger Rae Patrick.  Your thoughts?


I don't know if the "information age" and the shortening American attention span is putting too much pressure on our government to provide immediate answers and swift justice, or if in a post 9-11 world we don't feel safe unless we know exactly who did what, why they did it, and where they are now, but there seems to be an increasing need to solve things beyond a shadow of a doubt - even if that means creating false evidence/information. I won't get started on Benghazi because there are a lot of additional components to that whole incident, but this CBS News story about Tsarnaev's note is just unbelievable. It's even set up to be easily retractable if the public doesn't bite.

It has been more than a month since the Boston Marathon bombings, so why are they are just now reporting that Tsarnaev wrote a message on an interior wall of the boat he was captured in, confessing to the bombings and explaining his motives? Shouldn't this have been breaking news within a day or so of them finding him in the boat? Wouldn't this have eliminated all the confusion around his arrest and his family? I'll be interested to see if they claim the note was "just uncovered" or if they "purposely waited to release this information," but I bet if they public raises any questions, it will be denounced as "a false report based on misinformation." 

The story is written based on "anonymous sources," and a spokesperson from the FBI "declined to confirm or deny the report". Really?  How about taking accountability for the news that is printed BEFORE you see how it is received by the public. 

The story quotes a CBS reporter, who they note is a FORMER spokesperson for the FBI, as stating, "Basically, the note says ... the bombings were retribution for the U.S. crimes against Muslims in places like Iraq and Afghanistan and that the victims of the Boston bombing were 'collateral damage,' the same way innocent victims have been collateral damage in U.S. wars around the world." 

Why is there no copy of this so-called note for people to read and interpret themselves? The reporter's summation of the note seems awfully convenient. It places the Boston bombings directly in alignment with the ongoing conflict between the United States and Iraq and Afghanistan (which are oddly specific examples for Tsarnaev to include in what he thought would be his last words), It plays into the us vs. them mentality that led us to war with Iraq and Afghanistan in 2001, and perpetuates the vilification of all Muslims. If anything is going to get people to stop asking questions, these three things have a decade-long track record of satiating the public.  

CBS News goes to say that "the note summed up with the idea that "when you attack one Muslim, you attack all Muslims," creating an association between the attack and all Muslims, and that "Tsarnaev described his older brother and fellow suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, who died in a gunbattle with police, as "a martyr,"" a word that stirs up fear from the attacks on 9-11 and suggests that this behavior is perceived as honorable to followers of Islam. 

Can someone just tell us the truth? Enough with "anonymous sources" and stories that "can't be confirmed or denied" by the FBI. No more statements like "the note summed up with the idea that" or "basically, the note says..." If you have information to release, just release it. If the note isn't in English, provide us with the literal English translation or let us translate it ourselves. Call me naiive, but I've had it with the twisting and spinning of the news. Don't we criticize other countries for this? THIS IS AMERICA! LET'S START ACTING LIKE IT.