May 16, 2013

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention: May 16

You people made me laugh today:

Live like today is your last!!
But use a condom and pay your bills just in case

Violence is never the answer, unless the question is "what is never the answer?"

I think Ford should change their name to "Anal" cars. Would add a lot in front of their line of models such as the Probe, Explorer, Excursion, Expedition, and so on.

Hey girls!! You ever heard of magic sex?? No??? How do you have that you ask!!?? We fuck..and then you disappear! TADA BITCH!! Ill be here all week...

My neighbors are doing the lamest work out videos that I can hear whilst I'm working. You own a [fancy] BMW, get a gym membership. The end. #Vent

It's really ridiculous that Port Authority does not have wifi ...