May 10, 2013

Some Facebook Status Updates are worth a mention: May 10

You people made me laugh today:

"Girrrrrrl, you trippin'!... You need some orthotics." --me, as a Podiatrist.

consumer ratings=the good old 'thank you' cards

I'm sorry, is Suri Cruise really "launching a fashion line"? So at 7 years old she will have her own label, designs etc? I'm almost 27 and just happy that I can dress myself every morning.

QUESTION FOR MY FACEBOOK FRIENDS: Every time you are near, do birds suddenly appear? And if so, why?

Waiting for PSE&G to arrive between 12-4pm is like waiting for a 16 year old boy to call after you slip him your number in social studies. You want to believe he'll call, but deep down you know he lost your number on purpose and that he doesn't care that you have cracked dry hands because the dishwasher is broken.

Pfister? I didn't even know her. — at The Pfister Hotel.

The best way to teach children about taxes is to eat at least 30 percent of their dessert.

Just another day at the office.
Just another day at the office.