May 29, 2013

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention: May 29

You people made me laugh today:

India Arie has really helped me through so many ups and downs with love and insecurity.

I'm not saying that I need a lot of money to be happy, just enough to be one of the rotating women on Shark Tank.

The mid-day, weekday subway experience can best be described as one part Jerry Springer mixed with America's Got Talent and a splash of Joel Osteen Ministries.

Sometimes when I take a shower my hair gets stuck in my butt and I like the way it feels when I pull it out. #isthatweird?

Disappointed "milf" is not a useable scrabble word.

overheard in cobble hill. a guy describing his fluctuating weight... "I Oprah'd out this weekend."

NYC's weather is as crazy, unpredictable, frustrating and exciting as its inhabitants.

Is it strange that the 1st place I go to when I can't find my keys/phone is my chest?

My pedometer is not impressed with my activity level today. Too bad it doesn't measure PowerPoint slide output.

Jersey City Art
Jersey City Art

I'm not saying I want my son to be sexually active at a young age, I'm just saying that I want him to be good looking enough to have my wonder whether or not he is.