May 29, 2013

Sur La Table's Grilling Trends

With summer officially starting, it's the perfect time to host a backyard barbecue! Cooking on the grill is one of America's favorite ways to prepare food and it has been for years. Recent product innovations and new techniques have meant that foods prepared on the grill are changing, as is the way we grill.

One of my favorite stores, Sur La Table, sells nearly 300 grilling-related products and is leading the charge for innovation in the category. Through open dialogue with customers, the brand has identified three interesting trends happening on the grill.

Trend 1 - Battle of the Sexes

For 58% of households, the primary grill user is female, with 44% of them grilling at least once a week. Remember a time when it was the man of the house who pumped up the propane?

Trend 2 - Grilling Goes Beyond Meat

Consumers are preparing fruits, veggies, dessert and even cheese on the grill! Not only is grilling healthier than other cooking methods such as frying, grilling provides a tastier and juicier product. Sur La Table is on top of this trend, increasing the number of grilling-related items they sell 21% from 2011 to 2012.

Trend 3 - Grilling All Year Round

Surely, you're more adventurous if you're living in a snow zone and grilling in the dead of winter, but Sur La Table's survey showed that nearly 50% of people are out at the grill in January and February. States like Wisconsin and Ohio are amongst these adventurous types, with 88% and 75% respectively, grilling in those cold months!

Check out Sur La Table for a slew of grilling-related products, and keep following for a future giveaway!