July 2, 2013

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention: July 2

You people make me laugh:

People who don't move their arms when they walk make me nervous.

Just walked in on this conversation... Siri: "How can I help you?" ... Mona: "Can I call you Siri McLoser Face?" ... Siri: "that's me" ... glad to see we're taking advantage of artificial intelligence

was just walking down the street thinking, 'God, this city stinks like Parmesan cheese in this heat!' Turns out the woman walking in front of me was eating pizza.

Guidos are still wearing leather fanny packs to the gym? Missed the memo.

What the hell happened to Miley Cyrus' face?

I literally cannot stop eating carbs. I haven't met a slice of pizza I didn't like for about 5.5 months now...


In related news: my eyes are sad.

I respect the utter and unfailing dedication of whoever it is that always gives each and every one of my videos and articles a single "thumbs down" vote. I admire your consistency!

Something to keep in mind: the marriage is supposed to be far more beautiful than the wedding.

Front row seat! (Not that I could miss him)