August 13, 2013

Apple App Review: Break

When your day is getting you down, and you're in desperate need of a laugh, Break is the solution that will turn your day around. The same funny people behind are bringing Break to iOS, and with more than 627,000 Facebook likes and five-star reviews on the App Store, you know the funny picture and video site is doing something right. Break is free, and it's available on the Apple App Store for both iPhone and iPad. CNET reports Apple had more than 20 billion apps downloaded in 2012, and Portio Research predicts a 91.2 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) increase in mobile traffic worldwide between 2010 and 2015, so moving from a pure web approach to an app is a smart move for Break.

There is everything from funny animal videos at to clips that are sports-focused, with content that appeals to people who enjoy all kinds of humor. No matter what triggers your laughter, you’ll find something on the menu that works for you. You can pick from categories including:

  • Featured videos

  • Galleries

  • Movies

  • Pranks and falls

  • Trailers and clips

  • Gaming

  • Sports

  • Bizarre and amazing

  • Heartwarming

  • All the animals

  • Each menu includes hundreds of funny videos. Some are worth a big belly laugh. Some merit only a chuckle, and some are awful, but you’ll laugh anyway. Be careful at work, though, because not all the videos are office appropriate.

    Using Break

    Navigation is easier on the iPad than the iPhone, and the videos obviously look much better on the iPad because of the extra screen size. The iPhone screen works fine, too, especially if you’re on the go. The search function is easy to use and effective at bringing up the right choices, allowing users to seek out videos on a variety of topics. You can select a menu item and put Break on autoplay, so it runs the videos one after another. Turning on autoplay is an easy way to spend several hours in near mindless laughter because the videos just keep coming. Even if one video isn’t particularly funny, they are all short enough to be over before the user gets bored enough to change the channel or fast forward.

    Something for Everybody

    The comments on the videos tend to be as funny as the videos themselves, and some are even a little bit raunchy. If you get tired of watching the videos, you can take a break by reading the reviews and comments.

    The still photos are just as humorous as the videos, with interesting categories, such as, “Dogs and Women” or “12 insane, gut-busting hot dogs.”

    The trailers and clips are good, but they're nothing you won’t see on any number of entertainment sites. There were a few problems actually getting some of the trailers to play. For example, the “Catching Fire” trailer crashed on multiple iPhones and iPads.

    As long as the Break videos stay fresh, it’s a fine way to while away a few minutes — or a few hours.