August 13, 2013

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

You people made me laugh:

Me: Black coffee, please.
Barista: How's your day going?
Me: Good, today's my birthday.
Barista: Happy Birthday! How old?
Me: 30.
Barista: Ew.

I just read the following on "Reports suggest Apple will hold an event September 10 to launch the successor to its aging iPhone 5."

Yes...the aging, *antique* iPhone 5. So outdated. I hear it requires ELECTRICITY, stored in a BATTERY.

That one racist, sexist, prohibitionist, homophobic, fascist, Tea party-loving, anti-teacher, crying ass Philly sports fan idiot that we all keep on our Facebook friends list because their crying is just too entertaining and their idiocy is too train wreck fascinating to delete them.

Just looked at the "people who have viewed your profile" on Linkedin...and an FBI agent has looked at my profile. Should they have Linkedin profiles and should I be concerned?

I encountered a very strange parsnip...had to share. No giggling. Happy Monday.

Wondering who set wireless networks "FBI SURVEILLANCE VAN" and "goodguy69" in my building.

Just got a fancy new MacBook Pro and spent the first five minutes of work convinced that I had somehow locked the laptop as I couldn't get it open. Turns out, it was backwards.‪#‎AdventuresOfAPCGal‬ 

Why do people care (or why should I care) that Beyonce cut her hair short? Seriously people.

Why would anyone ever use a hankerchief??

This dummy is displayed in a NYC boutique's store window. Who is their target audience? Perpetually terrified women who like hats?

Today I said those three magical words to Jen. Those three magical words that she has been longing to hear me say. "You were right." — with Jen Khoury.