August 21, 2013

PHOTOS: RHOM Lenny and Lisa Hochstein's Home For Sale

Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein's home is for sale! Together with self-proclaimed "Boob God" hubby Lenny Hochstein, the couple's home is going for a cool $11.5 million.

Lisa and Lenny's home is located on Sunset Island at 1647 N. View Drive in Miami. Check out the Zillow listing here.

This week's episode ran parallel to my real life, actually. When my friends were visiting, we went down to Miami and took a fun boat tour that showed us Star Island. The guide pointed that the infamous "Scarface" house, that we learn through the Hochstein couple, is not really the Scarface house at all.

The Hochstein's purchased the white "Scarface" home on Star Island sight unseen during a foreclosure. They're now spending more money than I put as a down payment on my home, to fight Miami preservationists, who won't let the couple tear the house down!