August 22, 2013

The Noob's Guide to Time Travel

What do Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Marty McFly, and Bill and Ted all have in common? They have all perfected the art of time travel. Some may have used a more scientific approach, like Doctor Who and Marty McFly, while others relied upon the vague, yet successful help of magic.

Soon – and even sooner than you think – the ability to travel through time won't be reserved for sci-fi/fantasy characters, it will belong to you. Maybe you'll possess a time traveling blue British police box like Doctor Who or you'll have a Time-Turner like Harry Potter and Hermione, but imagine the endless list of possible things you could do.

Time Travel in Today's World

The Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge broadcasted a lecture in 2000 that explored the theory that time travel could be possible, as can be heard on Using wormholes and black holes that happen naturally throughout the universe, you could theoretically move so fast that you were propelled forwards or backwards through this.

If you wished to travel through these portals, you would have an infinite number of time travel vehicle possibilities that allow you to pursue whatever activity you wished to engage in. You could jerry-rig a bright red British telephone booth for a spoof on the TARDIS in Doctor Who, or create your own with a pink Cadillac rocket ship.

Waiting for Full Season DVD Sets Would Be a Thing of the Past

Trying to catch up on a newly discovered favorite TV show when it is in its third or fourth season can be frustrating. Online video streaming services like may occasionally be helpful, of course. However, the delay in producing full season DVD sets of previous seasons can mean it would take you months or even years to catch up to the current season. Time travel could help speed things up.

Traveling back in time to the first season of the show provides you with a number of possibilities. You could set the DVR to record every new show, which would allow you to travel back to 2013 and catch-up, or you could watch the original airing of each show by traveling to multiple points in the past.

Get Rich With Wise Investments Made With Knowledge from the Future

Knowledge of future events, trends, and inventions could make you a very, very rich person with the proper investment opportunities. You could take all the knowledge that you have gained up until 2013, and use it to make wise investments. Think about it. You could buy stocks early on in Google, Microsoft, and even some prescription medications, all when they were available for pennies on the dollar. Purchase those stocks or make those investments, then turn around and sell them for a profit.

If you wish to use your time traveling abilities for these purposes, you will need to be properly equipped. A high speed, Internet connection like HughsNet at with satellite Internet capabilities will allow you to instantly research any investment opportunity in the past and help you make the right decisions and meet up with the right people. Other must-haves include spare cash to make the investments, a timeline to plot out where and when you need to travel, and of course your chosen time traveling device – be it a TARDIS or a Time-Turner.