October 23, 2013

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

Taking credit for an idea in a meeting today: "It's sexy without being sexy - that's the Nancy Martira special."

i plugged in a space heater on my desk, and now i feel like shwarma, rotating myself around the heater for warmth.

Please someone HURRRRRRYYYYYYYY and make an app that will block Kim and Kayne announcements, I cant take it - Im not even looking for info on them, its just there in my feed- when i log on to websites, in twitter, f-ing everywhere. I would avoid if I could but i do PR I am on line all day- please hurry! And aren't these two hypocrites KK- upset that the paparazzi follow them around- but then you show the world your most private moments. I am so over it. And, while you are at it throw in the useless waste of space Miley too

Found a man that loves that I am impatient and bossy and wants to take me shopping. Feels like a trap. #putthelotioninthebasket

If you're working from home but you're not in your underwear, you're doing it wrong.

10/22 = IOZZ

No, but really, how cold does it need to be for buildings to turn on the heat?

How long so you have to ignore someone before they get the hint?

These boots are very special to me. Because I pulled them off the cold, dead body of Wonder Woman.