October 25, 2013

You people made me laugh

Just sent my landlord a "per the below" e-mail with a link to the City's heat and hot water codes... This should be fun.

Just saw this super hot woman walking down Sunset Blvd., ugh, but of course she ruined it by smoking--and being a homeless guy with a wig on

Wearing my down coat in the office. Please tell me more about this "boot weather," Florida.

Have you ever done something, or lived a moment that you afterwards said "yeah I don't think I will be telling anyone about that." I would say that 40 percent of my life is made up of moments like that.

What's with all the dumb little cartoon people blowing up my newsfeed? I don't need a real you AND a fake you keeping me up to speed on your goings on...

I love how New Yorkers never make it to work on time, but people like me, who have two hour commutes, make it in early as hell.