October 17, 2013

You Are What You Don’t Eat: Famous Vegans Speak Out

Natalie Portman: A-List Hollywood Actress and Harvard Grad

Flickr Photo by user Mira (On the Wall)

Natalie Portman has a list of accolades longer than the Great Wall. She stars in blockbusters, graduated from Harvard, speaks multiple languages and designed her own line of vegan shoes in conjunction with design house Te Casan. Her essay in The Huffington Post details the reason she went vegan as “the documented torture” of creatures with personalities, and goes on to lament the human cost of the agribusiness.

Dr. Abdul Kalam: Nuclear Physicist and Former President of India

Flickr Photo by Tulane Public Relations

How many nuclear physicists do you know that have ruled a large country, love to write poetry and grow and pick a large portion of their own vegan diet? This former president of India had not always made the most popular policy choices, but his devotion to his diet is commendable.

Steve Wynn: Billionaire Entrepreneur and King of Las Vegas

Flickr Photo from user Mil8

The effervescent Steve Wynn, the baron of Las Vegas, is a tried and true vegan. Wynn prides himself on offering vegan options at his Las Vegas hotels. He tells the Las Vegas Sun that the notion that humans need animal meat is “a conspiracy” and he prefers to fill his belly with only the best in vegan cuisine. Veganism seems to suit him well, the vivacious septuagenarian doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.