November 12, 2013

Some facebook status updates are worth a mention

You people made me laugh:

I'm beginning to become so desensitized to moustaches that they're actually starting to look good on people. #movember

I have a dream....that one day, there will be a day designated to telling your boss and coworkers to go fuck themselves and/or die without any consequences.

Wishing not-so-nice things on the person who brought fried fish on the bus to the airport.
I would upload a screenshot of how slow the #iOS7 download is, but I deleted every form of social media to make room for the damn thing.

If I receive a text and I see a green bubble instead of a blue one, I automatically lose a little respect for you.

It's all about trying to find good parking to go for a power walk— with Christine Menicola Vollenweider at Saddle River County Park.

Turned my keyboard upside down and gave it a shake. If I were to reassemble all of the crumbs, flakes and other detritus, I could have a (stale) two course lunch.

"Right now there is a dead hamster in my freezer". This is a direct quote from the woman behind me in line at quick check

Keep it moving... Keep it moving...that should be your ONLY thought in Starbucks - no matter if you are working or waiting for coffee...starbucks is NOT for beginners between 7-11am. you have been warned.

yahoo's stream is about as powerful as an 80 year old man with an inflamed prostate... why are they still posting videos?

Do you think #Gold #iPhone users realized that they're wasting money because they will use a case to cover their phone?#firstworldproblems

The Emmys 2013-More Dead Than Alive!

You know what's great for a pounding headache? One hundred kids at recess outside of your building. #birthcontrol