March 25, 2009

American Idol 8 - Top 10 Perform

Obama had to address the nation last night, so Idol was postponed until tonight. The top 10 will be performing Motown. Here we go!! THISSSSS is American Idol.

Paula actually looks decent tonight. Everyone so far has said that this group of American Idol contestants are just "different." I definitely agree. I think I said this before -- the reason it's a bit different is because there are a LOT of good singers this season. I really don't know who to think will win. They all just have a great sense of their own identity. Yes, I'm into Danny Gokey for sure, but there are some good options on stage this season and it's anyone's game.

Matt Giraud is about to sing Let's Get It On. I mean, okay. Sure. Come over, Let's Get It On. I'm SO into Matt Giraud. I'm seriously about to stand up and start peeling off my clothes while his sweet notes caress my soul. The performance was amazing. His look tonight was amazing. Let's see what the judges have to say. Randy Jackson is really impressed and says he's challenging the competition as a front runner. Kara really hit the nail on the head with her opener "lots of girls are saying, 'Ya...let's get it on!'" Paula, you sort of made sense, but I still look to Simon's reactions to your feedback for laughter. Simon agrees that he's a front runner for the competition. I think he'll make it into the next round fo sho.

Kris Allen is going to sing How Sweet It Is. I don't think this is a good song choice for him. I want to see him in a more sexy positioning, but his song choices are a bit juvenile. Like wasn't this song a jingle for McDonald's or something? Oh, no - Marissa just reminded me it's from the movie American Pie. We had a laugh over the Chris Klein, who joins the chorus to impress the chick - and then ends with "scoobydoobydooo yeaaaa." Anyhooooo, Smokey really digs him. Smokey is hot, by the way. Kris's start was fabulous. He really had a great performance and I love that he made it his own. I do, however, agree with Simon about a lack of confidence and lack of cockyness. Homeboy needs some swagger! I think he'll make it into the next round fo sho.

Blind guy time! He's wearing pink pants. I wonder if he realizes this? Anyway, he's going to sing "You Can't Hurry Love," another female song. I think this song works best with someone who would dance around the stage - not sit behind a piano. The beginning was a little boring, but with a pick up of his piano, it got tolerable at best. His voice is shaky, never strong and it's HORRIBLE and out of pitch. His piano skills are undeniably fantastic, but he's not the total package as far as a voice is concerned. Also, at the end it was funny how the music and singing stopped, but his lips sort of kept moving. FINALLY! Simon is being truthful. It's like a setup sort of. It's time for Scott McIntyre to go, everyone knows it and that's that. Kara is a really great judge. I'm REALLY into her feedback. Wait, Paula just told Simon she has something for him and then climbs down under the Also, I guess Scott DID know what color pants he's wearing because he says "vote for the pink pants!" to which Ryan responds, "how do they know they're pink??" I mean, I can't. I honestly don't know if he'll make it through to the next round. I think probably yes, since he's been getting a lot of sympathy votes. I mean, cmon - no one is voting for him for being good.

Megan Joy is next. She used to be Megan Corkrey, but had to change her name for legal purposes, since there was already someone in the adult film industry with that name. She's going to sing For Once in My Life. Or at least attempt to. Holy shit, it's really bad. I feel like she's cruise ship entertainment. This is painful because she's so hot, but she really isn't doing a good job. Some parts are interesting, but overall it was terrible. Let's check out what the dawg has to say. He thinks it was a trainwreck, rushed and quite hectic. Kara thinks she should have sang My Guy, where she would have dominated the song rather than the other way around. Paula thinks she's beautiful. Duh. She agrees that it's not the right song. Simon's take should be quite interesting. Bad news: it was horrible. I agree with him that she should be a bit concerned for tomorrow. She should be the next Chiquita Banana.

Anoop Dogg is next!! He's going to sing "Ooh, Baby, Baby." There is a collective nervousness amongst me and my roommates. This could go either way. There's no denying he has a great voice. I think the song is good, but would have liked something a bit more up tempo. And you know what, if you're going to sing such a sultry song, dress the part, Anoop. Kara's up first and we here collectively think she's a fantastic judge with great intelligence. Paula's comments are just hysterical to me. Simon thinks it's a great vocal, but it was a bit like in a performance in the midst of a musical, which is what Marissa originally said. I think he'll make it to the next round.

Michael Sarvers is up next (collective moans here.) He's signing "Ain't Too Hard To Beg," and Marissa JUST said before this "I wish someone would sing Ain't Too Hard To Beg." Moral: She's psychic. Here we go with Michael Sarvers. He looks really handsome, freshly bronzed with a suit jacket and button down. He's definitely the 2nd to worst male, after Blindy, but still does a fairly good job. Paula says something that Simon doesn't understand, surprisingly. He couldn't wait for it to end and essentially tells Michael he has no chance to win. I mean hey, it's the truth.

Lil' Rounds is up yo. She's going to sing Heatwave. Is it bad that I don't know this song? She's really into Smokey, reminscing with him, probably thinking, "If this don't work out for me, I wanna be IN with Smokey." I'm into her outfit and her HAIR makes her a completely different person!! I'm really slightly bugging out. Someone needs to tell her that she's not part of DreamGirls. This song is way too fast for her and she's rushing to get the next word and breathe at the same time. Terrible performance, as far as I'm concerned. Marissa says, "This song is too big for her...and she's too LIL for it!" Oh man. Good times watching this show at 225. Randy is so racist, by the way. He says to her "Whas up Lil Rounds, how you be??" Meanwhile, would he ever say that to Megan Joy? Here we go with Kara. She gives spot on advice. Paula disagrees and I think there's secret beef between her and Kara. Lil' looks like a drag queen, by the way. I think she'll be safe since she's a good singer. Everyone has their off weeks and if she were to get voted off tomorrow, I really think they would save her.

Adam Lambert is up next singing Tracks of My Tears. HOLY SHIT. I'M BLOWN AWAY BY HIS LOOK. He sings with unbelieveable control. Yes, it's way falsetto, but it sounds extremely tender. I will say that his skin is horrible. He WILL be the next spokesperson for Proactiv - and that's not necessarily a bad thing. SMOKEY ROBINSON stands up for him. That is an extreme honor. Kara says she's got six words for him, but gives him eight: One Of The Best Performances Of The Night. He looks like Edward Cullen to me. He's definitely much better with this look, to us over here anyway. He's a completely different person from the scary performance last week. Simon thinks it's THEE best performance of the night and it seems Adam was very humbled by it. All the judges loved it and he will definitely be safe tomorrow. Next week, we all hope he comes with cornrows, a doo-rag, pimp chains, grillz, etc.

Danny Gokey is up next! I love him. He's going to sing Get Ready to get people moving. I'm pumped and ready! We're all quite excited. He has good vocals, but the song really is a bit fast. Definitely having a good time up there, Danny will be safe tomorrow. The judges will have criticism for song choice, I'm sure. How long did it take Paula to think of: "You're undeniable, reliable and satisfiable." She's really highable. Kara said it best. It's good, not great, but we're all still Danny fans.

Allison Iraheta is next singing Papa Was a Rolling Stone so she can so her funk side. She has too many teeth or her braces get in the way or something. She has a great voice, but I don't really dig her look. Like, I wish Megan had this voice. Anyway, no one here can understand a word she's saying, but it sounds better than McIntyre. Kara does an all around great job! Randy thinks she's one of the dopest singers in the competition, who's blazin'. Paula heard "dope" and "blaze" and I saw her ears perk up. Why did Simon just draw on Paula? Why did she let him? Kara is like ALL about this girl! I love her energy. She's like the dork on Sixteen Candles when he's with Molly Ringwald at the dance screaming, "Tonight...Tonight is HAPPENIN'!!!" Brianne Bartlett DeLucca will understand that reference

Ok people - bottom three we have Scott McIntyre, Michael Sarver and Megan Joy.

Every week, the front runner changes. This is SERIOUSLY a competition. See you tomorrow!