April 10, 2009

Fair Lawn, NJ 07410

Last weekend I took a trip to my hometown of Fair Lawn to help my best friend, Brianne and her husband Shane move into their new home. Aside from the nostalgia of being back in the Lawn, walking into Brianne and Shane's new humble abode introduced me to an emotional feeling that I hadn't yet experienced in my 27-years of life. I'm not trying to get all serious here, but the lifestyle that I've been living for the past four years is completely different to that of the people in a suburban atmosphere. Buying homes, new puppies, marriages, children and backyards -- it was all just so much to take in. I mean, I'm getting OLD.
While I go out after work and grab drinks with friends, there are wives (that are my friends) who go home to their husbands - and by home, I mean like a fullout three bedroom habitation-station. I thought about how, for the first time, I acknowledged our life paths split - like train tracks. Sure, Brianne and I will always be parallel (sisters at heart,) but her choo-choo left the for the Domestication Station a while before mine. Think about as it pertains to you, even: While growing up, you go through the same changes in life with your best friends; kindergarten, elementary, middle and high (no pun intended.) Following that it's college, grad/law school, jobs, marriage, pets, children -- with a nice little suburban home somewhere in the mix. So, you see - while I'm living a more urban lifestyle of Hoboken/NYC -- it's hard not to think about how different my life would be/would have been, had I a serious boyfriend-turned-husband.
To say that I'm ready for all of that, I can't. But to say that I would be against it, I can't either. While I'm happy for Brianne and Shane, Donna and John, Lorraine and Timmy, Amy and Paul (all these couples at the house last weekend, armed with family-esque stories) - I can't help but notice how completely different our lives are. And, of course - that's not to say we don't value the same things - which is, of course, the glue that holds friendships together.
To put this into a little more of a perspective, when I was in high school (and for some of college -- JJ's and all jazz when we'd all be home,) I really had a huge crush on John Currie. I enjoyed talking to him, hearing his insights on various topics and of course, the fact that he was hot was a definite bonus. I mean, I used to have these fantasies, where .... off topic. ANYWAY, so we're at Brianne and Shane's house last weekend and the aforementioned couples are just hanging out, drinkin' brews and just shooting the shit. The conversation came down to a lull and all of a sudden John says, "Yea, so we've been trying to potty train Dominic...." I mean, I just LOST it. I couldn't stop dissecting the fact that, what felt like just yesterday (to me anyway,) I had a huge crush on this guy - and NOW, he's talking about his pooping son! I couldn't help but appreciate the situation and revel in the fact that after all these years, we are all still friends and acquaintences. Warm and fuzzy, people. Warm and fuzzy.