April 1, 2009

Some Status Updates are Worth a Mention - 49

  • thinks 92.3 should get over 10,000 songs per day or whatever they are claiming. Every song sounds like alvin and the chipmunks.
  • was just mowed down by a man on a bicycle; he fell, I did not.
  • is going to be a contestant on wheel of fortune!!!!...........APRIL FOOOLS. but, that would be a dream come true.
  • I'm 11 years sober TODAY!
  • awake, irritated and uncaffeinated.
  • I just finished the last Thin Mint. I don't have words for the sadness I'm feeling. See you next year Thin Mint! I'll eat you then, too!
  • I agree with Bethanny, I also think I have seen Kelly's name on a Chinese menu: Fried-Faced Bitch.
  • tonight's episode of Housewives of NY was a major Kel-amity
  • does not need the ability to travel through time. Just a pause button, please. Thanks.
  • met a plastic surgeon last night...imagining the possibilities!!
  • Finally a day where I can be a total asshole and have the perfect excuse for it.
  • Barack Obama just confirmed me as a cousin on Facebook. Nice try, B, but it's gonna take a liiittle more than that to pull an April Fool's Day prank on *this* guy.
  • Absolut Mango Review: Absolut has released it’s newest flavored vodka, Mango. Why, mango? They are one of .. http://tinyurl.com/ddw84r.
  • wishes she had gone tanning, lost 40 lbs, bought new flip flops and solved the economic crisis prior to leaving for Florida tomorrow . . .