June 2, 2009

Getting "rid" of Facebook Quizzes

facebook newsfeedIf you're like everyone else, you really are annoyed with all the Facebook quizzes that come up in your newsfeed. Recently, I explained a way to hide those applications, but I've discovered a new way as well!

On the right hand side of your home screen, you'll find all the groups and categories your page is associated with. If you're nuts like me, you've organized all your contacts already. For me, I'm most interested in people's status updates, I like to look at photos and I also like to check out links people post.

Most of these quizzes that we all love to hate, come in through the NewsFeed. If you didn't already know this, the categories on the side can be dragged up and down by order of your preference. So, the trick is to move the status updates, photos, etc. up to the top -- and move the Newsfeed category down -- that way, you'll see more status updates and the things you want!