June 10, 2009

Maria Bartiromo ... and other news people

Maria Bariromo
You know what I think is really interesting? Follow me here - it may a bit "out there." I don't necessarily think that everyone on News TV is a celebrity. I certainly wouldn't get too excited if I brushed shoulders with Connie Chung. That said, people who are in movies, are actors. Actors generally are famous.

I just think it's interesting that sometimes news reporters are written into movie scripts, where they are reporting on the plot of a movie. For instance, in The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, there is a cut-to the TV screen, where Maria Bartiromo of CNBC, is broadcasting the status of the hijacking. So it's like, the news - but it's not. But now it's in a movie. Like, Maria had to stay late at work one day to shoot pretend news, while it was playing on a TV on the Pelham set, so that the director could get a shot of Maria telling the false news. Did you follow me?

So like Maria is JUST a newsperson, but then she's an actress and part of a movie. Also, for the record, she's way too hot to be THAT smart.

I mean, do you get it?
SO does that mean that if you're playing yourself (a newscaster)