June 7, 2009

Massage Experience ... two posts in one

MC Chi First Body Spa Hoboken

Ok - so here it is, Sunday afternoon. I woke up with a pretty bad hangover this AM from Saturday shenanigans. I spent most of my day outside in the yard and decided that I'd treat myself to a massage. I made an appointment at my FAVORITE massage place ever - M & C Chi First Body Spa. Since my upper back/neck is in a constant state of pain, I have been to many a massage and NO ONE does it as good as this place. If you can get past the aethetic (it's not exactly Bliss Spa,) I would guarantee you the best massage you'll ever have. Truth. It's located at 262 First Street in Hoboken and the phone number is: (201) 418-0008.

Now that I've talked this place up so much, I just wanted to entertain you with a quick story regarding my massage experience just now. I sort of feel like Joey from Friends in that episode when he recommends Chandler a good tailor in the city, only to have Chandler come back to let him know it's not normal to have your tailor "cup" you while measuring.

So anyway, I told the lady I needed it really hard (that's what she said?) because I have a lot of knots in my neck. She spent a significant amount of time on various pressure points, even climbing up on the massage bed to get good angles. To me, this seemed perfectly fine, we're both females - I'm not a shy person - do it up, lady! Afterwards, she moved to my deriere and got to muscles I didn't know I had under all that padding. Great, fine. At this point, we're basically towards the end of the one-hour allotted session. I thought we were all finished after she wrapped my dorsal side with a hot towel. But, I was wrong. She asked me to turn over and I became a bit wary. I've never had a massage where I laid on my back. What is there to massage (legally) besides maybe my legs? But she was up near my head, rubbing on my shoulders and my tempral lobes. Phew ... ok. BUT THEN, she started making her way lower and I felt a bit nervous. Was she going to massage my boobs? Was this normal? Was I going to stop her? Would I offend her? I began mentally freaking out when - DINGDINGDING - the hour was up. After sighing a breath of relief, she asked if I wanted 15 more minutes. I told her I was a-ok and thanked for a great massage.
But like, um, what if the alarm hadn't gone off?

I SERIOUSLY don't want to scare you off from this place - this was the first time I've ever had an experience like this and it actually makes me laugh a little bit. Like, was she serious? In any event -- GO get a massage here.

Are you all like, "um - yea, right...meet you there!!" ????