July 6, 2009

Can I Get Some Of Your Jesus Juice?

Weird YouTube video links get sent to me all the time. Some make me laugh, others make my heart melt - and some, well, some just leave me perplexed and wanting more. Such was the case of a YouTuber by the name of AuroraInTheDesert.

Her real name is Cait Nanna and she resides in Georgia. She's 19-years-old, but definitely not your normal teenager. No, Cait is married. To God. And I mean married.

I'm definitely intrigued by the lifestyles unknown to me, the Amish, for instance. But when I saw some of these videos, I knew I had to reach out to Cait and find out REALLY what she was all about. See, Cait posts videos praising her love of the Ministry and for Jesus Christ. She appears to be completely fucked up, though claims she's never drank or done one drug in her entire life. No, Cait gets high on God's Love.

Is such a thing even possible? Here's a video of Cait that makes me question her sobriety:

Yea. Exactly. Upon watching several of her YouTube videos, I decided to contact Cait for an interview. After speaking to her over email and on the phone, she politely obliged. Post interview, I asked if she wouldn't mind making a video special for my Zlata Thoughts fans. I asked that she preferably be High on Jesus at the time (hey, it makes for better TV, right?) It's fairly simple for her, she says. She just goes to hang with The Man, and the rest is history.

Anyway, without further ado, I present you with an interview with Cait Nanna, followed by her very special EXCLUSIVE video for I Have Zlata Thoughts. Enjoy!

What's your name? Cait Nanna
Age? 18
Where did you grow up? I moved alot, born in Lakeland, Florida..moved to Maryland...then to Indiana...then Pennslyvania...then here
Where do you live now? Are you with your parents? I'm in Columbus, Georgia living with my parents
Did you graduate high school? college? I graduated high school last year I'm going to have an internship next year in Wiscosin for ministry
Are you in a relationship with anyone? No, I've dated a couple people, but I'm single currently.
What's your typical weekend like? I spend alot of time talking to my friends - they all live away in other states and countries, I like to shop on the weekends, and I do alot of ministry things
What would you consider your religious title? I'm a revivalist - taking people into a place to know Jesus personally rather than just as a religion.
What prompted you to start making these videos? Last summer, there was a revival in my birth town and I was watching it on You Tube. It connected me with two ministries I look up to highly, Sons of Thunder (John and Lily Crowder) and Joy Revelution (Ben and Stef Dunn) and through them I found some really nice people experiencing the same thing I was. They made videos so I decided to join them.
Did something happen to you to make your change your religious views, or have you been this passionate all your life? I have always been on fire for Jesus, however, my fire has gotten so much deeper and brighter in the last five years
You talk about being drunk and/or high in your videos. Are you literally drunk and/or high? NO! People that experience this drunkeness or high ARE NOT ON ANY SUBSTANCES...I repeat.. ARE NOT ON ANY SUBSTANCES! This is simply the way God's Presence affects us sometimes. We DO NOT condone alcohol or drugs...that is a counterfiet gateway into the spirit realm and interacts with satanic forces...not Jesus.

Well, to keep up with the Joneses, and with the interests of my readers, I asked her to make an exclusive video for I Have Zlata Thoughts on her reasons for choosing Jesus over a Boyfriend.
Here it is, folks - public for the first time!

Well, what do you guys think?!?!?!