August 18, 2009

Thief Steals Laptop; Brags on Facebook

I don't know if this is "stupid news" worthy, but I couldn't believe it when I read it!
A burglar stole a laptop and other things from a woman's house. He then logged into her Facebook account and bragged about it - even complaining that the TV in the victim's house wasn't good enough to steal. Liiiiike?

The burglar stole an iPhone, a Nintendo DS, a handbag, some cash and credit cards and a black Toshiba laptop. As if that wasn’t enough, Victoria later logged into her Facebook account, discovering that the thief had left several messages on her account. They read:

  • “on my new laptop”
  • “Listening to music on my new phone feels so good.”
  • “I have the laptop , phones ok but a bit scratched itll do, tv was rubbish so I left it, ds was a bonus, now to the porn shop, thank you toshiba is my favourite make”.
  • “regards your night time burglar”.

I just feel like this guy is an idiot since leaving traces of his activity on social networking sites can only expedite a throw-down with the coppy cops.