December 17, 2009

MTV "True Life" : Casting CallZ

MTV's Emmy award-winning documentary series, "True Life," is currently looking for people who believe they are not as hot as their boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse. The producer of the episode said they are looking to cast couples whose differences in appearance and attractiveness cause friction in their relationship. They are open to all couples in the US (who appear between the ages of 16-28), and suggest some possible dynamics: Partner 1 is a gym rat and health nut, Partner 2 is not and is concerned they'll be dumped for someone more in shape. Partner 1 has gained weight since they started dating, and now feels less attractive than Partner 2. Partner 1 is jealous of the attention Partner 2 gets, and has low self-esteem all the time. Partner 1 is dating the high school football star (Partner 2) and feels they are not "attractive enough" for them. If interested, email your story and photos to Here's the casting notice direct from MTV:


MTV’s Emmy award-winning documentary series, “True Life,” is casting people who feel they are less attractive than their partners.

Do you think you’re less attractive than your significant other? Do you wonder why your boyfriend or girlfriend is with you? Are they out of your league? Do you feel self-conscious about the fact that they are more attractive than you? Do you have low self-esteem, and constantly worry that they might leave you for someone better looking? Are you jealous of other men/women constantly hitting on your partner? Has your appearance changed since you started dating, e.g. you have gained weight over the years and now you look significantly different than when you started dating your partner? Are your insecurities a constant issue in your relationship?

If you appear to be between the ages of 16-28 and believe that you're not as hot as your significant other, MTV wants to hear from you! Email us at and tell us as much about your situation as possible. Please be sure to include your name, age, location, phone number, and a few recent photos.