January 4, 2010

TV TimeZ

Happy New Year, everyone! It's January 4, 2010 - a date which most people consider getting "back to the grind." I, on the other hand, being unpleasantly unemployed, just see it as another day.

As you know, I was quite nervous about the TIme Warner Cable and FOX tiff, mainly because I wasn't sure how life would be sans American Idol. Luckily, all is settled and the two media hounds made friends. Cablevision: not so lucky. Scripps Networks Interactive took its Food Network and HGTV off of Cablevision systems in New York, Long Island and the Tri-State area as of midnight on January 1. In this region, about three million viewers were affected because the two companies could not come to terms over distribution fees. Scripps Networks is seeking what the company equates to a "modest increase" over its less than 25 cents per subscriber it currently receives for both Food Network and HGTV combined.

From now on, actor Patrick Stewart can be referred to as Sir Patrick Stewart. At midnight on December 31, Britain's Queen Elizabeth recognized Stewart, former star of the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation and the X-Men movies with a knighthood for his distinguished service to his country.

ABC: The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, Convey Belt of Love
FOX: Fiesta Bowl: Boise State vs. TCU
NBC: Heroes, Jay Leno Show

Have a great Monday!