March 12, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates are Worth a Mention - 111

  • Dominic is mastering doing number 1 in the pottie.....Number 2......Not so much!!!!
  • you know it was one of those nights when you wake up and your stomach demands a diet coke for breakfast.
  • Singing obscenities to parkway retards
  • That's cool if you want to wear a curtain disguised as a scarf. I just ask that you have some sort of wind maintenance strategy to prevent your fellow sidewalk dwellers from getting whipped by aforementioned curtain-as-a-scarf. XOXO
  • I thought I would do something completely unpredictable and go to Ted's after work. I know, I'm THAT original.
  • I think I'm rolling credits at 4:50pm. Get me on that 5:26 home!
  • is goo-goo for Gaga.