April 29, 2010

America is FAT

I was thinking on my drive to work this morning how FAT America is. I'm not saying we're all obese and overweight slobs - but think about what happens when we go out to dinner.

It's like, sure I like bread when I'm at home; maybe on for a sandwich or something. I never sit there gorging on it with butter as a snack or anything though. But when you're out to dinner, it's like "Wow!! Bread baskets!!" And you just keep eating the bread while you're waiting for your meal, sometimes even asking for "a little more bread, please." I mean, it's ludicrous.

As for the actual meal - try explaining this to a third world country, really. "I'll start with the calamari and Caesar salad as my appetizer..." What's an appetizer? Oh, it's what we eat here in America BEFORE our meal. Dessert? Yea, that's what we have AFTER our meal.

I mean, there are countries who don't even HAVE food. Am I right or am I right?