May 27, 2010

Dane Cook Gets Kanye’d


If you watched the American Idol finale with  baited breath last night (What? I did…) then you would have noticed something a little strange happen during Dane Cook’s performance. 

My ALL-TIME FAVORITE Idol tryer-outer, Ian Benardo, stole the microphone from Dane Cook and went on ranting about how he is going to be the next judge.  "Who cares? It's all about Ian Benardo tonight!" he yelled. "I'm going to replace you, Simon Cowell! No one has a thing to say about you, just me." After I closed my gaping jaw shut, I realized that this was NOT planned, seeing as how quickly the cameras panned “from the window…to the wall” and cut to commercial.

(For those of you who are about to watch this vide, please pay close attention to Ellen D, who DOES NOT find Dane Cook funny AT ALL.)


I took to other sources of media to get more information on the matter.  First and foremost, Dane Cook was pissed.   To prove it, here are his tweets:

  • “If you missed it I got Kanye'd on American Idol. Wild. Luckily at the end of the song. Simon loved it. D-load song on iTunes tomorrow.”
  • That was not staged. Weirdo hijacked the song. Just glad he didn't hit me in the face w/the mic or Americal Idol would b American Beatdown.


Oh well – the show must go on, right?  I was REALLY into the final performance when ALL THE CONTESTANTS came back for Simon.  Sigh.  Also, seeing Paula wasted one last time was primo.

Finally, enjoy some Ian Benardo – for old times’ sake.