May 27, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention: 127


Let’s start this off with a HAPPY FULL MOON day!  Enjoy Memorial Day Weekend, bitches!  Don’t forget to upload any debauchery to WE DON’T PUMP GAS.

John Skelton REMINDER: Full Moon: Be positive, stay positive, let NONE of the full moon's insanity take you to a bad place......the only way to make the full moon properly work in your favor is to remain positive, light, and know your intent.....and let your intentions come from a genuinely good place in your mind, body and soul.

Adam Clark Fact: One carrot a day reduces the risk of cancer by 40%.

Vinny De Gennaro HATER = one who projects negative energy, due to the fact they are jealous or not comfortable with your positive energy**Definitely true, Vinny!!!**

John Skelton Dear diet, I just had a slice of pizza the size of my head. I wanted to let you know before you heard it from someone else........

Nicholas Kohart heinekens and jaeger bombs. jersey shore for the weekend

Anthony Crupi Apparently the working title Fuck You, Poor People: We’re Spending All Our Money on Shoes didn’t test well, so Warner Bros. changed it to Sex and the City 2

Danielle Pisano You know you have a shopping problem when u spend over a 100 @ payless...someone help me!!

Darryl Gudmundson "eyeballing vodka" is something I'm going to try this weekend.

Rich Dabrowski Where were David Cook & Adam Lambert?

Zhanna Zonis "Eyeballing" - apparently this is what kids do nowadays to get wasted quicker... they pour vodka straight into their EYEBALLS! Is this for real?! What's next - vodka IV's?! What's wrong with plain ol' taking shots? - I seem to remember that it always worked well for me...

Christopher Rothschild just wasted 15 (okay, more like 20) minutes trying to concoct a clever update. Time well spent, Rothschild.


Michael Lewittes Another friendly reminder... Just 7 shopping days left until my birthday. Seriously, go big this year. Thanks.

Genevieve Ascencio I feel so low-tech reading a book with paper pages.

Andrew Goldstein Aw poor Crystal Bowersox she lost by the skin of her one good tooth.

Robert Thomas Melasky sunburned to the point where i think rippin my face off might feel better

John BellaVia I have a laundry list of laundry to do...laundry.

Kelly Killoren Bensimon reunion is over and so is the bullying. let's have a fun summer.

Lauryn Kahn Is it normal that I consider my iPhone a friend?

Sabrina Eldredge going to the gym. i hate this new hobby.

Lisa Mattarello tyra banks' last week on t.v. can't end soon enough. my ears are bleeding. can we send her back into the fetus or throw her down the well or something?

Michael Christen why do people alwasy ask for a discount.. do i ask for a discount when i buy gas NO, do i ask for a discount when i get a hair cut NO, do i ask for a discount when im at the doctor NO, I MEAN REALLY PEOPLE.. its this much and thats the bottom line!!

Michael Genovese you never realize how annoying people are until you add them to your news feed on facebook. Just saying.