May 3, 2010

Pointless Post-Its

Like, you're POST-IT notes. Your whole purpose of existence is to STICK to things. That's like, WHAT you are. I'm not sure why can't just do your damn job!

I have a love/hate relationship with post-it notes. I find them extremely effective in craving my obsession with writing everything down. Anytime I have a thought, I just grab a post-it. I literally can have hundreds of post-its around at a time - and when I'm done blogging about the post-noted subject, or when I've completed the post-noted to-do, then I discard the post-it. Are you following me here?

But WHAT GOOD IS A POST IT NOTE if it doesn't stick??? It will stick for like, A day and then start peeling off, or curving up -- and you end up having to use tape anyway. So WHAT'S THE POINT? I'm really raging right now.

The picture here is cute and all - sure, they look pretty and get messages across - but believe you me, these will all be on the floor by the time this chick comes back into the office tomorrow.