May 3, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth A Mention: 114

Tara Lee Farney Dear Cosmo, I do all of that already anyways. And do it good. Tell me something I don't know. Sincerely, Bored Reader.
Alexis Tirado is a bit sad Seth Green got married. I had a crush on him. Wah.
Zhanna Zonis Week #2, bottle of coffee creamer #4. I mean - are you for real?! I am gonna need a raise soon just to be able to afford my caffeine supplies around here!
Lauryn Kahn I judge people by their shoes.
Rachel Wallins aint no party like a liz lemon party cause a liz lemon party is MANDATORY
Sarah Bessette Bye Bye straight hair. Hello 100 percent humidity.
Anthony Crupi Not that I'm scared or anything, but after that last peal of thunder I made a noise like Chewbacca trying to lose a few quick lbs before prom night. Even the monsters who live under my bed are whimpering a little bit.
Jaclyn Sulzer My daily realization is as follows: If I were to play that "porn star name game" where you take your middle name and pair it with the name of the street you live on... My name would be Elizabeth Feltus. CLASSIC!