May 26, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention: 126


John Skelton I think if the entire planet all took a xanax bar and unclenched, all at the same time, we'd have world peace.

Kevin Crawford its only 8:30 and already yelled at someone.

Sarah Bessette The SuperBowl in NY in 2014? I am renting out my apartment for a zillion dollars...

Dayna Emolo dear Stephanie Pratt, pigtails are not acceptable on girls over the age of 6. Love, Dayna

Rachel Wallins I like being friends with President Obama on facebook

Justin Misenas Rivera yogurt before yoga is a really bad idea. esp being lactose intolerant.

Lisa Mattarello is it cool in China to get English words
tattooed on your back ?

Andrew Goldstein Superbowl in New Jersey? That's the best thing to happed to the Garden State since Snooki and stand-alone Chic-fil-a's.

Brianne Bartlett DeLucca When Duke has my back...people better be listenin'.

Becky Vieira Any tips on how to get a super flat stomach in 2 weeks and 6 days? Besides exercise, natch,

Alicia Corbett If you are okay with this BP disaster, or you just don't fucking care, DELETE me please. I repeat delete me.

John Skelton Honestly, this is the worst allergy season I've ever experienced. I just want to take my eyes out, and let them soak in a gin&tonic. Over night.

Kara Warner Joan Rivers told me I looked "fabulous" today! #1 Best compliment ever. #2 = a homeless guy offering to marry me for change last week.

Anthony Crupi “Murder” is probably one of the funniest words in the language, unless it’s actually happening to you. Then it is tremendously sad and scary. Unless you are being murdered by a giraffe. That would just be awesome.

Jennifer Piazza Upon my arrival to the ramapo reservations I am met by a giant black snake. After a fearful visit to an old fishing spot I've decided two things: 1. I need a dog for these hairbrained adventures and 2. I'll be sticking to the main trail today. Hope to make it out alive!!



Danielle Patasso do you ever leave a little bit of toilet paper on the roll just so you dont have to change it?