June 1, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention: 129


Anthony Crupi Hi, barking dog at 1:30 in the morning! You have the infinite capacity to give voice to your anxiety in the most aggravating way imaginable and I have opposable thumbs and poison. Keep pressing your luck, Fido Fuckface.

Chris Kooluris Pet Peeve of the Day: People who wear "SECURITY" t-shirts even though they aren't part of security.

Andrew Goldstein The abuse of khaki shorts on this Acela Train is frightening... lookin at you middle aged guy in shorts hemmed just below your sack

Stephanie Moran I ♥ ME...ima shinin star datz risin to da top...aint nobody can be me cuz I'm dat BITCH...

Mark Marino is asking a lot of the button on my pants today. Forgive me.

Zhanna Zonis How do you know that your husband is a former Brooklyn boy who's never experienced public transportation before? - when he gets super-excited about our plans to take a NJ Transit train from New Brunswick to NYC, and thinks that it's going to be the coolest adventure ever! :

Alison McGlone I like to think I'm honoring our troops in a way that would make them proud. Topless on Janine's roof, working on my tan.

Iya Bleyman working on the base tan so I don't get burnt in vegas when my intoxicated state prevents me from reapplying...only 4 more days!

Rich Dabrowski what a day, remember freedom is not free and neither is last nights leftover porterhouse I had for breakfast

Bethenny Frankel Is it true that dark beer helps produce milk or should Jason call child protective services?

Alex Addison my "such and such is now friends with" feed is
going haywire