June 3, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention: 131


Mark Gendler Good news, my gym membership costs have been cut by $10/month and I've been upgraded to a "Passport" membership allowing me to go to any NYSC I want. This means that I now will pay $10 less per month to sit at home, while also increasing the number of Gyms I will not be going to.

Chris Williams ok...between Hoarders, the OCD project and Intervention...things aren't that bad when you think about it.....

Cristina Everett could not contain my excitement when Pee-wee Herman made a surprise visit to Conan O'Brien's show tonight. I screamed as though someone just said the Secret Word aahhh!

Anthony Crupi Is it still considered domestic violence if I take my kids to Canada before I beat them?

Stephanie Moran Had a very explorin day today...ayyoo my nigga dat lake was poppin...shorty in da speedo was bangin...hahaha llmaaooo...smh wat a fuckin day...got a sunburn just sittin in da damn car..wtf..but it was a pleasant n drama suckafree day...lol

Ben Schwartz I'm inventing an iPhone app that apologizes every time AT&T drops my call.

Matthew Giles needs to get out of the city ASAP, lest he find himself incracerated for murder.

Andrew Goldstein George W Bush just joined Facebook. Meanwhile Dick Cheney's been using Shot-a-guy-in-the-Facebook since 2006.

Dan Iozzia just entered the 21st Century by getting a new touch screen phone with internet and unlimited texts. What was I thinking

Anlee Swick Steinberg so happy my husband finally got the ipad so I don't have to hear about it anymore

Darryl Gudmundson Betty White finally killed the rest of the Golden Girls.

Melissa Rutigliano is having severe career aspirations of being a stay at home housewife...without the kids and the husband though

Andrew Goldstein Dorothy and Sophia have company around the big kitchen table in the sky

Michael Lewittes Thank you for all the birthday wishes. This morning I looked into the mirror and saw an old man. It was scary. I restrained him till the cops came, and took him away - not sure how he got into my bathroom. Anyway, thanks again for all the lovely sentiments.