June 9, 2010

TV TimeZ with a TwiZt


First off, let me say – that you if you’ve never watched an episode of Glee in your life, you NEED TO GET ON THAT THIS SUMMER, when FOX will be repeating the entire season from the beginning.  The show is TRULY amazing, inspiring and just an all around good time.


I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant at 9pm

VH1: You're Cut Off! at 9pm; Bridal Bootcamp at 10pm

Animal Planet: Monsters Inside Me at 10pm

Science Channel: Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman at 10pm

CMT: The Singing Bee at 1030pm                                                                                       

Bravo: Top Chef Masters at 10pm, Work of Art: The Next Great Artist at 11pm          

NBC: America’s Got Talent

FOX: So You Think You Can Dance