September 30, 2010

Fair Lawn, NJ hits headlines again! Secret Pot Operation uncovered

The Fair Lawn Police raided a local paintball shop yesterday after receiving a tip that it was a front for a pot growing operation.  Where was this place when I was growing up?  I had to have connects risk their lives on 10th Ave in Paterson.  I mean, really.

Anyway, here’s the story: Police went to New Breed Paintball (7-05 Fair Lawn Avenue) owned by Sky Friend, 32, and obtained permission to search the place.  IN the basement, they found a 12 X 2o foot room dedicated to growing hydroponic marijuana with a set-up that included 83 plants, a ventilation system, growing lights, air conditioners and a water irrigation system. Damn, yo – sophistication up in Fair Lawn-nation!

Police seized the marijuana plants, $4,682 in cash, all the equipment, paraphernalia and – I shit you not – a pot-growing guide bought at Barnes and Noble.  Like, “Idiot’s Guide to Growing Pot”.  Too bad they didn’t get the sequel “Idiot’s Guide to Not Getting Caught.”

Friend is in jail with a bail of $250,000 set.  Mind you, people who MURDER have a lower bail sometimes.  I see Office Tim OSH in the picture.  I’m going to call him and ask him what they do with all of that deliciousness on the table.  I mean, I really want to know.

LOVE ME SOME FAIR LAWN!!!!!   Also, can we discuss how this guy’s name is “Sky Friend”  - - I mean, he was BORN to grow this stuff.