October 29, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

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Nicole Witover was just told by a volunteer for Children International that I "look like a wonderful person". I said, "I'm not." and walked away.

Anthony Crupi If you stop to think about it, they should really change the name of the Make-A-Wish Foundation to Um-OK-So-What's-Your-Second-Wish Foundation.

Leah Rose is wanting to borrow some kids or a kid to take trick or treating. it just sounds like fun.

Ben Schwartz Those little figures on that wedding cake look miserable. I give them one year tops.

Natalie Denisenko Grainger Sometimes I want to copy someone's status, almost word for word, and see if they notice

Alex Gladunov My girlfriend plays music very loud to prevent listening to her own thoughts ! Zinggg

Lauryn Kahn It's still a Lean Cuisine pizza if you smother it in vodka sauce and shredded Parmesan right?

Jordan Fabi Is it a requirement to be an overweight, Incompetent slob to work at the DMV?

Phillip Bloch Hmmm currently at 902 followers on twitter... My goal was to break a thousand by November 1st! Any takers!? @Phillip_Bloch

Sarah Horne me: 1, rowing machine: 0

Ravit Gilletti i love this stage....Dylan are you done with breakfast? no. are you still eating? no. do you want more? no. do you want to play? no.

Vera Sweeney so... my husband threw away the kids' halloween costumes by accident. their school parade is in 10 minutes.....................................................

Becky Pestana Pretty sure I got my ass kicked by a pole and pair of 6" heels tonight...