June 14, 2011

Real Housewives of New Jersey Daughter Ashlee Holmes Needs to Lay Off the Plastic Surgery

It’s amazing to me how absolutely different she looks.  I sent the photo around to my die-hard RHONJ friends and they had NO clue who it was.  They then starting playing a game of WHAT it is exactly that she got done.  So far we have: lips, nose and chin...but DEFINITELY lips.  She’s also lost a shit ton of weight and dyed her hair blonde.  Clearly, some sort of identity crisis stemmed from lack of self-esteem, which is evident on the show.

Nonetheless, Ashlee continues to be one of the most entertainingly annoying characters on the show.  Her mother, Jacqueline, is really a much better parent than Ashlee gives her credit for.  She loves her daughter, only wanting the best, but understands that Ashlee is going to make some mistakes along the way.  No one can have it as perfect as Caroline and Albert Manzo.  Now THAT family has it down pat.  If Caroline wrote a parenting book, not only would I buy it, but I’d read it twice.