September 1, 2011

Real Housewives of New Jersey Daddy and StepMommy Holmes Arrested!

If you’re a fan of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, then you’re most likely not a fan of the black sheep of La Familia, Ashley Holmes.  On the recent episodes, she’s seen acting like a complete brat, being completely disrespectful to her mom, dad, stepmom and stepdad.

Her biological father, Matt Holmes, and his now-wife, Jodi Sue Holmes, flew to New Jersey from Texas to help the Laurita family host an intervention for their “too cool for school” daughter.   Will Ashley end up moving to California?  (Since we’re in “real time” now – the answer is YES, she will and YES she did.  See pictures of her new Los Angeles apartment HERE. Will she battle a drug addiction? Will she get knocked up and have to make the same choice her mom did 20 years ago?  Time will tell.

Today Zlata Thoughts brings you a more interesting story: the arrest of Matt Holmes and his wife. News has surfaced that on June 2, Jacqueline Laurita’s ex-hubby was arrested for arson, insurance fraud and money laundering.  After starting a fire with kerosene and gasoline, the couple reportedly received $429,000 from their home insurance policy.  That insurance company is now accusing them of making unrelated purchased with that money including plastic surgery and a $40,000 diamond ring!

Matt Holmes mugshot insurance fraud arson money laundering

Ashley Holmes step mom Jodi Holmes Insurance fraud arson

Apparently, the FBI is now involved and this is turning out to be quite the huge case!  Matt had a $225,000 bond and Jodi was released on a $75,000.  But … who bailed them out?!

On Saturday, August 20th, Ashley Holmes tweeted “FYI- my parents have NOT been indicted..this whole thing was started by a disgruntled employee..they are INNOCENT &that's all i have to say”