September 1, 2011

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

Collection of amusing status updates from my newsfeed on September 1:

Jimmy Im when you see a plane 10,000 feet high in the sky and can recognize the airline, it means you're flying way too much.

Jessica Hersh I'm in love: Beyonce's unborn baby has a twitter handle...@beyoncejayfetus. Sample tweet: "Beyonce is my ride for the next few months. And yours is?"

Jennifer Caluri Kylie thinks today is a good day to catch butterflies, Emily said it is a good day to take a baby rollerskating. Sometimes I think my kids take drugs.

Tarik Trad Not sure if the family was craving sushi last night, but they sure put the poor thing out of its misery...

Danielle Bertran Yesterday at the nail salon, someone asked me if I was getting ready to go back to school. There's no way she could have known that I'm a teacher so I can only assume she thought I was a student. Wow.

Did a end-of-the-day sweep as well, only to find the News Feed cluttered with Los Angeles’ earthquake information.  Looks like that’s all for today, guys!