April 11, 2012

RECIPE: spiral zucchini "pasta" with pesto sauce

After posting an image on Pinterest, I got a ton of requests for the recipe for zucchini pasta with pesto sauce.  This is easily the fastest and tastiest dinner you will ever make - thanks to a few handy kitchen tools! Here it is:

The pasta is made out of spiralized raw zucchini.  Essentially, you take your zucchini and peel it before putting it into the spiralizer. Once you have the appropriate amount of zucchini - put it to the side. You're done making your pasta.
Now, a quick note here: You can make ANY KIND OF SAUCE YOU WANT! If you would like marinara, primavera or meat sauce - it's completely up to you.  Today, we're working pesto, since that was what my image portrayed.

 - Fresh basil (2oz)
 - Pine nuts (2 oz)
 - Olive Oil (3oz)
 - Garlic cloves (2)
The amount of ingredients will vary depending on the amount of zucchini you use. The amount in parenthesis should give you a good general idea. As with any recipe, when you taste it, adjust the ingredients as-needed.

1. Toast the pine nuts. They will let out some "oil" naturally and not burn your pan.
2. Put all of the ingredients in a food processor or blender. OR, if you're really awesome and have one, a Vitamix.

That's it! Toss the pesto sauce with your zucchini pasta and serve.  This is an all-natural, raw recipe that's actually GOOD for you!