July 12, 2012

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention


YOU PEOPLE MADE ME LAUGH TODAY:Alina Lipkin MakhinsonSince I'm unemployed for the summer, I think I may try to apply to be a GPS voice. Who doesn't want their GPS to have a Jersey accent and swear a lot?
Kristen DiVita-Steroplehow is someone getting injured at the running of the bulls still newsworthy?Alicia CorbettDear LA, cc: Izakaya, Vegan Glory, & M CafeWe will meet again next week. Although it will brief, it shall be grand. See you soon.Love, MeKeira LeighSiri and I became friends today when I got my new phone. However, when requested, she had no idea who "NSync" was. Needless to say, it's not going wellColleen KrenzerOffered Home Depot delivery guy a glass of water. His response "I'm really picky...I only drink bottled...sparkling if you have it..."Alex BlaggThe only problem with electric cigarettes is it's unhealthy how cool you look smoking themRick DobbsI'm just going to leave this Gingerbread Crack House right here.