August 19, 2012

My Well-Being for your well-being

This post brought to you by My Well-Being Powered by Humana. All opinions are 100% mine.

Well-being is a word that is subjective. What does "happiness" or "sadness" mean to you?  What does "fat" or "skinny" mean to you? The word and concept of "well-being" holds the same abiguity.  While your health - physical and mental - is a big part of your well-being, it's only one piece of a much bigger piecture. Think abotu the sense of contentment you get from feeling close and conected to family, friends and your broader community.  That's also well-being.  And you know how good it feels to be financially stable and confident? When your career's in good shape and you're on top of your savings? That's well-being, too. And let's not forget the lift you get from the time you spend at play, traveling the world or exploring new - and old - interests. Well-being, again.

What well-being means to you is as individual and complex as each one of us. So allow me to introduce you to to My Well-Being Powered by Humana. It's the place that knows that well-being is about every aspect of your life - your health and your loved ones, your finances and your leisure time and it's the place that can help you find it!

About MyWell-Being from mywell-being on Vimeo.

About MyWell-Being from mywell-being on Vimeo.

With content that's personalized for you, read expert articles, watch videos, get daily tips and create the website that you want. You can also save your favorite content in one place and share it easily with others! Some other fun times:

  • My Well-Being Assement. Evaluate your well-being today and get the tools you need to imporve it - starting tomorrow. Check out your health and wellness today!
  • Online games and My Well-Being Polls. Stretch your mental muscles and share your opinions with the community.
  • Marketplace. Find special offers and discounts, just for members.

I love the site for their personalized articles. If I have something going on, I know that there will be someone on My Well-Being with a similar issue. 

Take a look and explre what the website has to offer, sign up and becomie a member and get one of their three FREE Dummies books!  I strongly encourage you guys to sign up and become part of the My Well-Being community. See you there!

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