August 18, 2012 - Weird name, awesome concept

I'm not a big fan of the weight the word "diet" holds - pun intended!  In my opinion, diets don't work unless you stay on them for an indefinite amount of time. Well, if you're do that, how are your eating habits a "diet" and not a "lifestyle change"?  They're not.

Introducing, an awesome program that helps map out your meal plans based on the way you want to eat. lets you enter the number of meals you want to eat and your calorie goal and in return it offers a healthy meal plan based on those needs. You can also edit your food options and what you want to eat. Choose from a variety of carbs, proteins, veggies, fruits, etc.  This is obviously a bonus for those who have diet restrictions or are vegetarians.

Other features: modify size of meal for time of day, post-workout meal options, ration adjustments of carbs to protein to fat. is completely free to use and you don't even need to sign up for an account.  Enjoy!