September 27, 2012

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

If I ever need to ask for directions..I' m gonna ask the guy with one leg because he will definitely know the shortest way to get to places. If there is a short cut that fucker would know where it is. And you won't be hoppin fences neither.

You know you're old don't even try to suck in your stomach anymore. Seriously. Over it.

just in case I wasn't feeling old already, I was just informed that Under The Table And Dreaming came out 18 years ago today. Oy vey!

I received a rather nasty e-mail from someone today because I referred to Brown University as the "Staten Island of the Ivy League." Was I mistaken?

Bitches be trippin...and by bitches, I mean the sales people I work with. #FuckingNutUp&ShutUp

Life is getting stuck behind the woman buying 15 Starbucks gift cards

I have never in my life seen a disabled elderly pregnant child - I suppose its a very small demographic.

‎50 years ago, if fat kids had been reality stars I could have been a millionare by now But back then, fat was just fat-- I could have been Johnny Boo Boo