August 28, 2013

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

You people made me laugh - late night.

Based off of tonight's episode, I don't think America's got very much talent...

I thoroughly enjoy walking around the city at night looking into people's windows. Do what you wish with that info.

Eating dark chocolate-covered espresso beans to get energized before spin class at Flywheel Sports with Adam Goldstein. Counter-productive?

I would rock on teen jeopardy

It's funny how I see so many photos of people from my high school years who were super hot back then but are now only mildly attractive. My question is, were they ever really hot? Or is aging really that much of a bitch?

My first fantasy draft is tomorrow night. So....I have exactly 24 hours to figure out what "football" is.

another baby is born on my FB Feeds, damn it's like every month...what's up people no cable tv!

The best is when you're sitting at your desk, doing nothing but catching up on emails and breathing like regulah and a button just pops off and goes flying across the cubicle, making me have to roam the office for someone that not only has a sewing kit but can sew the button back on for me. NOTE TO SELF: Get back on diet

I love a good gay scandal on Investigation Discovery.

Posting the convo doesn't count as telling anyone does it?! — with Annie Trankle.