September 4, 2013

3 Broadway Shows Your Family Can't Miss

Entertaining kids is ongoing. With their short attention spans and constant need to move, taking them to the live theater seems to be out of the question. The live theater can actually be a great experience for your family, as long as your children are over 4 years old (the minimum age for most Broadway shows). You will expose your family to a new part of the American culture. Musicals are also a great way to introduce your family to the art form that is live theater. If you don’t live near New York City, don’t worry, many of these shows will be going on tour to a town near you.

"Matilda the Musical"

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When choosing what Broadway theater tickets to get for your family, you have to be selective. Not every show is going to be suitable for them, but there are plenty that are not only suitable, but very engaging. Of the age-appropriate shows, Telecharge recommends "Matilda the Musical" as one of the best that are out right now. It takes a favorite character from the children’s novel of the same name, written by the beloved Roald Dahl, and transforms it into an entertaining spectacular full of catchy tunes and appreciated life lessons. The New York Times describes the show as relatable, brilliant, and revolutionary. Your children will be enveloped in the story line as all different aspects of childhood are explored. The lead character searching for a better life will have your children rooting for her happy ending.

"Mamma Mia!"

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This show has been favored for a long time, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. It may be old news to you, but it will be new for your children. It is also a great way to introduce them to the revolutionary music of ABBA who was the musical group the story revolves around. The story is simple: a young girl is about to get married, but she is determined to solve the mystery about the identity of her father first. As three possible “dads” show up, the story stays lively and amusing. Even if your kids already know who her father is, they will be able to relate to the feelings of the lead character. If nothing else, they will have a blast dancing in their seats to the music. Just don’t be surprised if your kids become ABBA fans after watching the show.


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What could be a more perfect introduction to theater than a story that your kids already know and love? The classic tale of "Cinderella" teaches children valuable life lessons, such as not to be mean to people, and that everyone deserves a happy ending. "Cinderella" will also take your kids on a journey of the imagination, complete with pumpkin-turned-coach wagons, magical fairy godmothers, and even talking mice. Even though you know the basic story line like the back of your hand, the creators of this updated musical have made a few unsuspecting changes to keep to plot fresh and the audience entertained.