September 5, 2013

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention: Sept. 4

You people made me laugh today:

Since I became a mom, "Yo mama" jokes aren't as funny to me.

As is tradition when it comes to the Jewish New Year, I just wished my agent a healthy percentage of my happiness.

For the rest of you, simply have a Shana Tova!

Attention doctors, lawyers, professors, accountants, captains of industry, scholars and most of Hollywood....

Pro Tip: Ribbed condoms too expensive? Just use regular condoms and throw some frozen peas in there!

There was also a rapper named A$AP Cocky but his career ended prematurely because of his own "F**kin' Problems"

"He's got a face for radio. Old radio face, that guy. Yep, had a car antenna go straight through his jaw. Very sad."

I wish my tolerance for people was as high as my tolerance for alcohol.

I act like a little five year old brat when it comes to Google+. I don't share SHIT.

in the spirit of back to school photos... — with John Sterople.
in the spirit of back to school photos...