December 19, 2013

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth A Mention

You people made me laugh:

Dear Snow,
Have it your way. I'm hanging up my shovel till the sun wakes his ass up and melts you away.
Love, Anna

ISO sugar daddy

Go to BJs to buy napkins because we are all out. Spend an hour in the store. Get home having spent $200 and realize I never bought the napkins. ‪#‎awesome‬

good old facebook just suggested I friend someone who I've had blocked for years. glad to see these privacy settings are working out.

I really wish recruiters would stop calling me about "great opportunities" to sell life insurance.

Anyone else find it appalling that the lottery jackpot is half a billion dollars when so many people are hungry and out of work in this country?

Weird place to have Food Network playing in the waiting room

Tomorrow: I return my car to the dealership bc my lease is up.

Today: I get a massive nose bleed on my drive home.

Mercedes is gonna think I'm Dexter.

I've waited my whole life for this moment...

It's raining hard in Los Angeles, so everything is cancelled until 2014, sorry guys.

The nice thing about adulthood is when you run away from home it can be to a spa instead of your neighbor's treehouse. In search of a treehouse with aromatherapy now.